Download Subway Surfers, a fun game of juvenile delinquents

Smartphones are no longer entertainment for specific moments to become true leisure centers.

Much of the blame, for being one of the classics, is from Subway Surfers. Download this game and become a juvenile delinquent from the suburbs of the big cities of the world.

As I said, Subway Surfers is one of the most downloaded games in history for both Android and iOS. And it is in its merit.

You will travel around the great cities of the world jumping from train to train while running away from the most skilled security guards you have ever seen. They will chase you for being a youngster who is dedicated to painting with graffiti the railway material in broad daylight and at night.

Take your graffiti out of your pocket and run away

Subway Surfers is the natural evolution of the classic game of platforms and infinite careers taken to the three dimensions. You will have to go from car to car and from platform to platform collecting the maximum number of coins you find.

But beware of stumbling; a furious security guard will follow your steps very carefully. As you do not step where you owe on a couple of occasions in a row, it will end up catching up with you, and the game will end.

After downloading Subway Surfers, you can collect objects that will make your career easier. There are available shoes with springs, flying skates; shoes that give speed. Also, you can unlock new characters for your graffiti raids.

The acrobatics are also necessary as well as spectacular. Get more points dodging trains at the last moment, jumping just before hurting you and doing tricks between wagon and wagon.

The game has access for Android and iOS completely free. As soon as you install Subway Surfers and get used to their simple mechanics, you will not be able to stop taking your juvenile delinquent more agile and clever to escape the clutches of the security guard.

Do not divide and you will win

The truth is that it is even more difficult for a game to get this large number of downloads because generally, developers choose to create a thousand and one spinoffs with which to maintain interest and flood the market, instead of focusing on a single game.

It is not the case of SYBO Games and Kiloo, the developers of Subway Surfers, who only have nine games between the two. As a comparison, there are 19 Angry Birds games.

Subway Surfers has gathered all the elements to be the first to win the award.

It is an “old” game that is continuously updated to maintain interest. And the system is working, because nowadays, six years later, it is still in the Top 10 of free Google Play games.

By the way, the data of downloads come directly from its developers, because Google Play, for now, is still showing the range of previous downloads. Predictably the badge will be changed in the coming days.