Get free coins without a hack

Today we offer you some options to get free coins from Subway Surfers. Not infinite or unlimited, because for that you would have to resort to a hack. With these tricks, you can do it legally to continue competing against your friends without attracting the attention of the moderators of the game.

Once again, you are hooked on a freemium game. It is the model you can impose on mobile devices, both Android and iOS, and can be very frustrating. You are continually breaking in your aspirations because you do not want to spend money, and that is why to look for ways to get free coins in games like Subway Surfers.

The easy way to do it is to cheat. Download a modified APK from Subway Surfers, the hack of coins and infinite keys, to give an example. This is not only recommended for the damage it does to the developer company, but it is hazardous for your mobile.

It is advisable that you never download files from unknown and untrustworthy websites, like all those that offer the necessary data to be able to cheat in this and other games.

For our part, from Hobby Consolas, we want to offer you an alternative to the trick to winning free coins from Subway Surfers, without hacks, and in a completely legal way. It requires more time and attention on your part, but at least you can compete online without problems and without risk of banning, something very likely if you connect with a pirated APK of the application.

Social networks, a good way to get premium objects

As in other games, such as Candy Crush, in which we are dealing with, you can get premium objects – in this case, virtual money – by sending invitations to your Facebook contacts.

Surely you are thinking about the inconvenience that you would cause your friends in this social network if you are constantly sending invitations to games, and you are right, it is something that can end up unsettling even the most patient. You may have already disabled invitations to Facebook games, something that you can do in just a minute.

There is a way to skip this process, get free Subway Surfers coins and do not disturb your contacts. They are Facebook groups of fans of the game, where you can send invitations to receive lives from this and other games, as well as get prizes of all kinds.

You have to enter one or request entry, if private. Once inside, try not to mess with the messages, or you will become a championship spammer.

Earn money from your mobile with these applications

Making money without leaving home is a dream for many, and no, we do not talk about teleworking. We refer to websites and applications that, in one way or another, pay their users for the time spent filling out surveys, questionnaires or watching videos.

Many promises amount that they do not fulfill, hence the importance of participating in those that are of real confidence. Not all end up paying, even if it is not cash but credits that you can then invest in individual stores.