How to get benefits in Subway Surfer

You have a quantity of apps that allow you to get coins and infinite keys, but this is an APK that can download malware onto your mobile and become a real danger to your phone.

Instead of playing it that way, we recommend that you never download files from unknown websites and that you follow, instead of those dangerous practices, the following tricks.

To get coins, objects, and other rewards, a good way is to use social networks. If you send invitations to your Facebook contacts and they accept, you can get incredible prizes.

You probably think that many of your friends would not be interested in this and that they probably have disabled game notifications. In that case, we have a solution.

Get free coins for Subway Surfers without bothering your friends

To do this, there are Facebook groups and player pages where you can send invitations to get lives, gold and keys to this game. There are many, you just have to search on Facebook, and many of them will appear.

So far our Subway Surfers tricks guide has arrived. Do not hesitate to comment if you know any tricks we can add and remember that the basis of this game is to get gold, buy the best tables and not skip any power-up because they are the rod!

Missions are good ways to get multipliers

Set number 4 is rewarded with a multiplier x5. You need to complete a daily challenge, avoid 20 barriers and obtain a score of more than 6000 coins in a single race. And finally set 5 will give you a multiplier x6 if you manage to collect 2500 coins, jump 30 times in a race and buy a mysterious box.

In the following page of tricks of Subway Surfers, we teach you how to get coins quickly and free without the need to use hacks, roots or install any extra application on the phone.

Subway Surfers tricks

You classified the missions in different sets. Set 1 is rewarded with a Multiplier x2. To get it you have to collect 500 coins, get a score of 1000 points in a single race and have managed to take two power-ups.

The set of missions 2 has as a reward a multiplier x3. To achieve this, you must have collected 200 coins in a single race, have jumped 20 times and taken at least two super sneakers.

Set 3 has a reward of a multiplier x4. To get it you have to get two character objects in mysterious boxes, slide down 3000 times and win 2000 coins.

List of missions that will earn you benefits

The missions of Subway Surfers will allow you to fill the multiplier and get the Mysterious Super Box. Prizes that include the mysterious super box can be classified by order of appearance frequency in common, special, times and jackpot.

Common items: 3 Tricky caps, 3 Fresh radios, 3 Spike guitars or 3 Yutani UFOs.

Special items: Various Headstarts, up to 20 hoverboards or up to 8000 coins.

Rare items: Keys, Score Boosters, one random trophy or up to 50,000 coins

Jackpot items: 300,000 coins