Tips to be the best in Subway Surfer

Get high scores and be the best among your friends with these tricks to extend the game’s races to infinity.

Subway Surfers is a game available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It is the classic infinite running game: you control a character on a stage, and you have to avoid obstacles and collect money and objects.

By not having limited lives, you can play as long as you want, with what you will end up dominating.

If you want to get the best scores in the game, some tactics and tricks should be applied. Today we review the most important ones. Discover them, apply them, and you will see how in a moment you overcome all your friends in the classification.

Collect as many coins as you can

While you beat your friends is the score, it is important that in your careers you collect as many coins as possible. So do not always opt for the most natural way, but for the one that gives you more money.

For example, get used to going through the center lane and move quickly to the sides to get more coins.

Do not forget to pick up powerups

Even though it is essential to accumulate coins if you see that you are pending a powerup, divert the path and pick it up. And they give you unique advantages, like boots that make you run faster and jump higher or a magnet with which you can attract all the coins in your path.

Having sacrificed a few coins will compensate you at the same time you activate one of these powerups.

First of all: buy tables

In other games, we tell you that it is not necessary to spend money, but in Subway Surfers is essential to move forward.

You have many aids in this app, but certainly in the before you have to invest your coins is in skateboards (“Hoverboard,” the first option of “Single Use”).

Therefore, it is important to have a table in your inventory, and activate it in your character when you see that the level begins to get complicated.

Invest also in improvements

The second thing you should spend your saved coins on is upgrades (“Upgrades”). This help improves the powerups that you will find on the stage.

Of course, it pays to invest in these improvements since you will soon recover the investment: more time of an activated power are more coins that you will quickly pick up.

Reserve the keys to limit situations

The keys are the game’s payment currency. Getting them for free is very complicated, so I recommend that you do not spend them at the first exchange and save them only when the occasion is worth it.

An example: they just killed you when you were about to exceed the maximum score on your friend’s list. Then you should spend a key and continue playing a little more to overcome your friend. In any case do not use more than one key per game, if not when you realize you will not have any left.